Sunday, September 21, 2008

Trust In Me

This is the song that I wrote around the 15 or 16 of August...I gave you the lyrics a few blogs back. :) I finally figured out a title! My friend, Macky, sort've springboarded my blond brain into action! lol This music is not permenant, so don't get to used to it. :) Its still being worked on, but I wanted my family in North Carolina and Colorado to be able to hear it. :) I love and miss you guys!

I described the song in the other blog, but just so you don't have to re-look it up, I'll tell ya again. ^^..............

In the song, a girl is praying to God. (I used a girl, becuase, I am one lol) She's in the midst of great trials, and she's telling God that she can't do it anymore. But in the chorus, God is answering her and saying...

"Child, trust in me, I loved you enough to die!"

"I'll never leave you all alone, I'll always hear you cry."

"No matter what you're going thru, trust in me and you'll find;"

"At the end of life's long road,"

"The trials, they made you refined!"

No matter how deep your trial may seem, God will always be there to pick you up out of it. I've discovered this wonderful truth so many times in my life. There's nothing you can do that God can't fix. I hope you enjoy the song, please leave a comment and tell me what you think! ^^


Ann said...

Oh what a wonderful song . . . Don and I are once again amazed . . . we love you dearly!!!

Judy said...

Elisabeth, the song is great. The Lord has certainly blessed you with a special talent. I'm sure I'll be hearing more songs as time goes on. Can't wait to see you soon.