Friday, September 12, 2008

"I must admit, I don't understand....
Why God would let me face, this painful circumstance.
All I have to cling to, are His word and His name,
But that's enough, so I will trust...."
"Its for my good and for His glory,
This trials not the end of the story,
There's a bigger picture God alone can see.
Faith will take me thru this sorrow,
For I know He holds tomorrow.
And He assures me its for my good....
And for his Glory..."
Powerful song, huh?
I though so. :) I first heard that song when a trio from a college in OK came up to sing it for us. Since then, I'm claimed it as one of my many theme songs. ^^ This is one I listen to when the trials of my teenage girl's life are to much to bear anymore. lol Seriously though, it has made me feel better multiple times since June when they introduced it to me. No matter the trial, whether its like the big one we overcame earlier, or small ones at school, God will always be there gently reminding, "Its for your good, and for My glory."

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