Tuesday, September 2, 2008

1st Day of School!

My uniform...I personally think I look like a nun. "COULD SOMEONE POINT ME TO THE NUNNERY?!!!?" LOL! ...... BTW I'm smiling weird cuz my mommy caught me off gaurd with the clicky thing-a-ma-bob on the camera! ^^ haha!
Our "school bus" or the Bible Bus ;)
Some of our group.....:)

We had a good first day today at Standish Baptist Academy. I was terrified, but thankfully, I got over that and only have a minimal amount of fear left. No I'm kidding...I'll just yell out thanks to Alec and Courtney for being such a big help to all us Sanfud people today. :) We would've been totally lost without you!!

Well I'm off to bed, as I must get up at 5:30 tomorrow. Yes, that ia AM.

I know, normal people shouldn't have to get up that early. LOL!!


Judy said...

So glad to hear from Abby that the first day of school was good. Hmmm I didn't think about the Nun uniform. Pretty funny!!!!!!Hope you make lots of new friends and the week goes well. We will chat sometime this week when you don't have homework hanging over your head. Sleep well. Grandma loves you! I'll be praying for ya!

Ann said...

I prayed for you often today - glad you had a great day. I personally think you look cute as a button!!! AS ALWAYS!!! So glad you all liked school - we are very proud of you and know all of you will do GREAT!!! How did your mom do today - I am sure eating bon-bons all day is very hard work :) We love ya all!!!

Michaila said...

What a lovely bunch..... LOL

Michaila said...

I would put up pics of me on my nun uniform, but I don't have one.