Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday ^^

Church this morning was wonderful! Daddy preached on "Unbelief" a strong message about believing in what Jesus did for you. Praise HIM we had 3 first time visitors and 75 out for Sunday school!! ^^ To say the least...we're pumped! By the words, not Daddy's lol!!

I have a question for you!!

I wrote a new song! YAY! My friend, Macky, helped me come up with a few names, but I'm having such an awful time choosing....wanna help me? YAY! I'm glad you do! ^^ I'll give you the lyrics, then the song titles I have so far. If you don't like any of the ones I have...leave a comment with yours! I seriously want you to...PLEASE! lol

Before I do that though, I suppose it'd be good to give you my song's "background." I wrote this in the middle of August...around the 18 or 19 if I remember right. Its talking about a girl (I used a girl because...well I am one lol) going thru a trial...or trials. In the song, the girl is telling God that she's had enough...the trials are to much for her. She can not take them anymore, but just when she is about to admit defeat, God holds her up...helps her stand. God will always do that for you. He's done it for me more times then I can count. He is faithful, and I praise Him for that. I hope you enjoy the lyrics...the tune is still in the "shop." ^^ When its done, I'll post it all.

Verse 1 - I cry out your name Lord,

Why do I feel ignored?

The trials that fill my life,

I can't stand the heartache or the strife.

My heart is full of sorrow,

There's no hope for tomorrow.

My soul is weary of this fight

And I don't see victory in sight.

But you say....

Chorus - "Child trust in me,"

"I loved oyu enough to die."

"I'll never leave you all alone,"

"I'll always hear your cry."

"No matter what you're going through,"

"Trust in me and you'll find,"

"At the end of life's long road,"

"The trials, they made you refind."

Verse 2 - I still feel lost and scared,

You're the only one who's cared,

That my heart is broken and hurting me,

No one else wants to listen or see.

As I stumble through this valley,

I don't know if I can rally.

But as I start to fall, You take my hand.

"Daughter trust in me and I'll help you stand!"

You say...

Chorus again and then the tag -

"So no matter what you're going through,"

"Trust in Me and you'll find."

"At the end of life's long road,"

"Thos trials, they've made you refind"

Leave a comment....I want your thoughts!


Ann said...

Wish we could have been there today - we will have to look forward to listening to the sermon online - we miss you all terribly!!! I love the song - can't wait to hear it in person!!! I have prayed for you a lot this week - with school and all ;)

Judy said...

Awesome song, Can't wait to hear it put to music. You amaze me so much with the talent God has given you. Keep on serving the Lord. We will see you soon. Praying you have a special week at school.
Love, Grandma