Monday, February 23, 2009


On Thursday my Dad will be preaching LIVE on a radio station in North Carolina called can watch him online at!!

Pray for him, hes sick and flying out tomorrow. :(

WGCR is a wonderful station that will bless your heart....all this week is their special once a year fundraiser called Share-A-Thon...go on and listen to them, especially this Thursday!!!!!


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Just a Thought........

Live For Today.....
Yesterday is gone,
And Tomorrow may not come.

Lets not live and dwell in the past, because nothing we do can change it.

Lets not worry about Tomorrow, because whats going to happen is in God's Hands.

Live for Today!

And live it for Jesus.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

What else is new?! Pix of Sky :)

Hannah (the dog) Wouldn't get out of the way :) As you can see from Sky's ears, she wasn't happy about it either!!

Pretty canter huh? Looks can be deceiving! We were galloping right there and I was trying my hardest to slow her down (thus the hideously straight knees!!)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Oceanside Prayer
By Elisabeth Bell

The sand is warm beneath my feet,
Along the shore, the tide is beat.
The sun, it gives way to night,
The stars come out. My, they're bright!
The wind, it blows around my face,
Seagulls tease one another to race,
The salt is strong in the air...
It soothes my soul so filled with care.
I sink to my knees in the sand,
I bury my face into my hand,
My heart, it breaks for the souls,
That deal with the world and her tolls.
I've learned to lean on God's Grace,
But they don't know of that place.
How to let go of fear and pain....
Their tears, they falls like the rain.
Tears come to my own eyes,
My shoulders shake from my cries,
So many people, just don't know!
Of God on high who loves them so!
Others don't care is how it seems,
They just follow hopes and dreams.
"I'm all set" is what they say....
But they don't know the price they'll pay.
Oh dear friend, don't let this be you!
You don't know what you'll go through!
Hell's fires are hot, but Heaven is sweet,
This road you're on, you can still retreat.
Jesus' love is pure and totally free,
Come and join His family.
The tide starts to wet my knees,
The smell of rain is on the breeze,
I look up to Heaven, the stars still bright,
"Oh Lord Jesus let me shine your Light!!"
"Let me bring lost souls to you,"
"No matter what I must do."
The rain, it falls soft and light.
Perfection seems so far from sight,
"But Lord, I know you've heard my prayer,"
"On you I cast all my care."
I ride up and look out to sea,
"Thank you Lord, for loving me."
As I turn to go, movement catches my eye,
A young girl stops and starts to cry.
My heart constricts, yet I smile,
I whisper, "Lord, here goes one more mile."

Monday, February 2, 2009

Megan's Birthday

Megan had her 17th birthday party Saturday night. :) It was fun...we got to dress up!! ^_^ She had one of those mystery thing-a-ma-bobs and I was the math teacher (notice my glasses?) and Michaila was a cheerleader. :) Everyone said I looked way old in the glasses though lol! ^_^ I haven't decided if I liked them or not.