Sunday, September 28, 2008

We'll miss you :(

Mr. Tore, Mrs. Debbie, Lydia, Joanna, Julia, Angela and James.....


Know that you are in our prayers. We know this is God's will, but that doesn't make the pain any easier to bear. :( Lilo, I luff you! You're one of my BFFs, don't ever forget me. :( Love you all!!!

Pig roast!

Yesterday evening we had a going away party for a family in our church. The Mitchells are moving to Wisconson in a week, and we're gonna miss them soooo much! :( To show our love, we decided to do something we as a church had never done before: Roast a PIG! ^^ We named her Sally....Poor, pooooor Sally. Man was she good! lol MY aweosme Daddy and Uncle Ron cooked her ALL day yesterday! They did a fantastic job! See how crisp and yummy she looks?! ^^

Ma and Pa

My mommy and daddy :) While we've been at school for the past few days, they've been helping friends of ours paint....Just so you know, that white in their hair is PAINT not gray hair lol. I thought it was a nice pic with the beginnings of the fall colors coming out in the background. @(^.^)@

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Trust In Me

This is the song that I wrote around the 15 or 16 of August...I gave you the lyrics a few blogs back. :) I finally figured out a title! My friend, Macky, sort've springboarded my blond brain into action! lol This music is not permenant, so don't get to used to it. :) Its still being worked on, but I wanted my family in North Carolina and Colorado to be able to hear it. :) I love and miss you guys!

I described the song in the other blog, but just so you don't have to re-look it up, I'll tell ya again. ^^..............

In the song, a girl is praying to God. (I used a girl, becuase, I am one lol) She's in the midst of great trials, and she's telling God that she can't do it anymore. But in the chorus, God is answering her and saying...

"Child, trust in me, I loved you enough to die!"

"I'll never leave you all alone, I'll always hear you cry."

"No matter what you're going thru, trust in me and you'll find;"

"At the end of life's long road,"

"The trials, they made you refined!"

No matter how deep your trial may seem, God will always be there to pick you up out of it. I've discovered this wonderful truth so many times in my life. There's nothing you can do that God can't fix. I hope you enjoy the song, please leave a comment and tell me what you think! ^^

Friday, September 19, 2008

More Apple pix....

MOI! Obviously lol

I love fall!!!!!!
Especially in Maine, its so pretty! Wait till the leaves fully change, you'll be jealous! ^^ lol


Fall is here in Maine. :) It was a crisp 50 degrees today...a perfect day to pick apples! ^^ A few familes from church joined us which was fun. :) The picture above is one of Uriah...he had so much fun picking apples!! He ate at least 4! ^^ BIG ones to!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Peice Of My Heart


Beloved has an official show name now! ^^ She's "Peice Of My Heart" :) Goody, that was one of my favorites! I'll have to tell you the story behind the name someday....Someday. :)

School picture...

I know its dark! NOT MY FAULT! lol For those of you who get to SLEEP it is DARK at 5:30 am!! JUST SO YOU KNOW! ^^ lol

Yep, this is my school sweater I got...I miss my Aero one, but this will do. :( No choice anyhoo lol I must and will abide by the rules. Well, I am going to BED because I am TIRED! lol!! G'night!
Sorry, lack of sleep makes Lizzy cranky lol :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Baxter's New Trick

YAY! Baxy can roll over now!! ^^ And he's so stinkin' cute I just had to post this video ;) lol

Saturday, September 13, 2008

I'm alive! ^^

Well, my ear is still conected to my head, so I'm on the road to recovery I guess! ^^ lol Its hurts pretty bad though, its very sore and tender to the touch. You know at weddings, how the groom will sometimes sweetly wisper something into his new bride's ear? Mrs. Sue told me that I'd have to make sure its my right one, lol, so I don't scream and pull back because of my "ear trauma!"! ^^ .....................

Well I thought it was funny. lol

Teen Jubilee is tonight!

Its also been one month since the end of VBS....I wish we had it more than once a year. :(

Kay I'm done for know...;)

Friday, September 12, 2008



I had an interesting evening at the barn tonight. Chippy, (the evil pony shown above) bite my ear! I know! THE AUDACITY!
I was in his pen getting a bucket to use for the evening chores, I bent over to pick it up and out of nowhere comes Chippy! He lunges at my face and grabs my ear. I yelped and pulled away, and my ear went numb. I had no idea how bad it was hurt, only that I was mad enough to break him! So, I turn around and punch him so hard in the nose it bruised my hand. He reared up and ran away, leaving me mumbling under my breath. My ear was still numb, so as I walked away I just put my hand up to it to feel it. My hand came back, and it looked like I'd dipped it in red food coloring. Yea, not good. I ended up in the ER since it was an animal bite, and now I get to wear this lovely bandage til tomorrow. Chippy did end up biting a small peice of my ear off...but its in the back and you won't be able to see it unless I were to show you. :) To those of you who have never visited my blog before, these are AWFUL pix of me!! i do not usually look like this! lol Yep, so that was my adventure for the day...Me? I'm ok, just very thankful that I don't have to wear this to school Monday!! ^^

Show clothes

I decided to air my show clothes, since I'll be riding Beloved in a horse show in October! ^^ YAY! lol By the way, the poll I have on my and help me decide what her show name should be!! I can't decide by myself! I know some of them are sad sounding, but...I like them. :) The probelm is I like all of them, so choosing is impossible. lol Anyhoo, I love my outfit! ^^ My helemet, whos name is Tom, (Don't ask lol) and my jacket, my polo, my breeches and finally my boots! Don't ask how much they makes me dry heave and not want to wear them! ^^ Seriously. lol! Kay I'b blabbered enough for now, don't forget to vote!!!!

"I must admit, I don't understand....
Why God would let me face, this painful circumstance.
All I have to cling to, are His word and His name,
But that's enough, so I will trust...."
"Its for my good and for His glory,
This trials not the end of the story,
There's a bigger picture God alone can see.
Faith will take me thru this sorrow,
For I know He holds tomorrow.
And He assures me its for my good....
And for his Glory..."
Powerful song, huh?
I though so. :) I first heard that song when a trio from a college in OK came up to sing it for us. Since then, I'm claimed it as one of my many theme songs. ^^ This is one I listen to when the trials of my teenage girl's life are to much to bear anymore. lol Seriously though, it has made me feel better multiple times since June when they introduced it to me. No matter the trial, whether its like the big one we overcame earlier, or small ones at school, God will always be there gently reminding, "Its for your good, and for My glory."

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Today, its officially been 7 years since our Country was attacked.
Think of all the families that are greiving today still. Think of the kids that were orphaned, or the ones that have to grow up with only one parent.
Think of the women that lost their husbands, and the men who lost their wives.
Think of all the fireman, policemen, EMTs and others who were lost.
When you think of all the death and pain that those terrorists put our country through, what is the first thought that comes to mind?
Wanna know what mine is?
"I hate them!"
I know, not a very spiritual answer huh? If thats my veiw, what do you think everyone else has? What about the ones I mentioned above...those who actualy lost loved ones? What about all the families that have sons, daughters, husbands, wives that went to war for our country over the 9/11 bombings? How do you think they feel?
Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but guess what?
We can't hate the terrorists.
Why? Because the Bible says so. It says in Matthew 5:44 "But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;" This by no means excuses what those evil men did. Do not put words in my mouth! But it does say, that no matter what they did, we shouldn't and can't hate them. Because no matter how much we may disagree, or dislike it, Jesus died for their sins to.
So today, on the 7th anniversary of 9/11, pray for the families, soldiers, & our President.
But also, pray for the terrorists...the Iraqs and Iranians not involved in the evil their country is doing. Yes, I did say to pray for the terrorists by the way. They need prayers, because God loves them just as much as He does you and I.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

God Makes No Mistakes

It was my turn to sing the special tonight in church, so I sang this song. Its my Grandma's favorite, so I thought I'd record and post it. :) I hope you enjoy! ^^

Sunday ^^

Church this morning was wonderful! Daddy preached on "Unbelief" a strong message about believing in what Jesus did for you. Praise HIM we had 3 first time visitors and 75 out for Sunday school!! ^^ To say the least...we're pumped! By the words, not Daddy's lol!!

I have a question for you!!

I wrote a new song! YAY! My friend, Macky, helped me come up with a few names, but I'm having such an awful time choosing....wanna help me? YAY! I'm glad you do! ^^ I'll give you the lyrics, then the song titles I have so far. If you don't like any of the ones I have...leave a comment with yours! I seriously want you to...PLEASE! lol

Before I do that though, I suppose it'd be good to give you my song's "background." I wrote this in the middle of August...around the 18 or 19 if I remember right. Its talking about a girl (I used a girl because...well I am one lol) going thru a trial...or trials. In the song, the girl is telling God that she's had enough...the trials are to much for her. She can not take them anymore, but just when she is about to admit defeat, God holds her up...helps her stand. God will always do that for you. He's done it for me more times then I can count. He is faithful, and I praise Him for that. I hope you enjoy the lyrics...the tune is still in the "shop." ^^ When its done, I'll post it all.

Verse 1 - I cry out your name Lord,

Why do I feel ignored?

The trials that fill my life,

I can't stand the heartache or the strife.

My heart is full of sorrow,

There's no hope for tomorrow.

My soul is weary of this fight

And I don't see victory in sight.

But you say....

Chorus - "Child trust in me,"

"I loved oyu enough to die."

"I'll never leave you all alone,"

"I'll always hear your cry."

"No matter what you're going through,"

"Trust in me and you'll find,"

"At the end of life's long road,"

"The trials, they made you refind."

Verse 2 - I still feel lost and scared,

You're the only one who's cared,

That my heart is broken and hurting me,

No one else wants to listen or see.

As I stumble through this valley,

I don't know if I can rally.

But as I start to fall, You take my hand.

"Daughter trust in me and I'll help you stand!"

You say...

Chorus again and then the tag -

"So no matter what you're going through,"

"Trust in Me and you'll find."

"At the end of life's long road,"

"Thos trials, they've made you refind"

Leave a comment....I want your thoughts!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

More Jumping! ^^

Another good one ;)
Chillin' time afterwards!! :) She loves to jump...We can't wait till the show!

What we do best ;)

LOL! This pic cracks me up! Beloved "popped" it...meaning she waited until the LAST POSSIBLE second to jump! And I was NOT expecting it! lol That would explain why I'm riding her neck! ^^
Wow, me and LoveBug had an awesome time jumping today!!! THANX TO LIZZY FOR TAKING THESE AWESOME PIXS!!!!! ^^

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

1st Day of School!

My uniform...I personally think I look like a nun. "COULD SOMEONE POINT ME TO THE NUNNERY?!!!?" LOL! ...... BTW I'm smiling weird cuz my mommy caught me off gaurd with the clicky thing-a-ma-bob on the camera! ^^ haha!
Our "school bus" or the Bible Bus ;)
Some of our group.....:)

We had a good first day today at Standish Baptist Academy. I was terrified, but thankfully, I got over that and only have a minimal amount of fear left. No I'm kidding...I'll just yell out thanks to Alec and Courtney for being such a big help to all us Sanfud people today. :) We would've been totally lost without you!!

Well I'm off to bed, as I must get up at 5:30 tomorrow. Yes, that ia AM.

I know, normal people shouldn't have to get up that early. LOL!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day At The Bahhhn

Brookie and Breezy Jumpin'....
What's that?...Why yes I DID know I was!!!

I had a good day today, riding and hanging out at the barn. ITS THE LAST DAY OF SUMMER! AH!
Yes indeed, school starts tomorrow! EICK! lol I'm a lil, oh, terrified! But, I shall get over it eventually. ^^ Gimme a day or two lol...

For Nick....


We made this video today so that you could see her. :) A little more close up then the other one..Always remember Buddy,