Friday, September 12, 2008

Show clothes

I decided to air my show clothes, since I'll be riding Beloved in a horse show in October! ^^ YAY! lol By the way, the poll I have on my and help me decide what her show name should be!! I can't decide by myself! I know some of them are sad sounding, but...I like them. :) The probelm is I like all of them, so choosing is impossible. lol Anyhoo, I love my outfit! ^^ My helemet, whos name is Tom, (Don't ask lol) and my jacket, my polo, my breeches and finally my boots! Don't ask how much they makes me dry heave and not want to wear them! ^^ Seriously. lol! Kay I'b blabbered enough for now, don't forget to vote!!!!


Judy said...

Wow, what a professional looking rider. You look great. I know you and Beloved will do great too. I hope you get the highest award for the day!! Grandma

Ann said...

Hey there, Don wanted me to vote - Funky Spunky - for him - and to vote for it 5 times :) When do you have a show? I love the boots - did you buy them yourself? You look WONDERFUL!!!!

immortalbeloved said...

The show is October 25th at LCS! ^^ The boots were a birthday/Christmas present in 2006. Funky! Which did oyu end up voting for?