Saturday, September 13, 2008

I'm alive! ^^

Well, my ear is still conected to my head, so I'm on the road to recovery I guess! ^^ lol Its hurts pretty bad though, its very sore and tender to the touch. You know at weddings, how the groom will sometimes sweetly wisper something into his new bride's ear? Mrs. Sue told me that I'd have to make sure its my right one, lol, so I don't scream and pull back because of my "ear trauma!"! ^^ .....................

Well I thought it was funny. lol

Teen Jubilee is tonight!

Its also been one month since the end of VBS....I wish we had it more than once a year. :(

Kay I'm done for know...;)

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Judy said...

Well you are looking none the worse for wear after your horrible ordeal. Glad you are doing better. No treats for Chippy ever again. Who would have guessed he would have went for your ear!!! Hope Jubilee goes well tonight and Calvary takes home the money. Go Michaila!!!
Love you,