Wednesday, August 6, 2008

We'll never forget

Wow, how in the world is it August already?! But, with August comes one of my favorite things of the year....BIBLE BOOT CAMP!!!
Boot camp was a raging success last year, and looks to be even bigger next week! I'm going to be workin' my puppet, Chloe :), playin' a silly character named Lucy, (Wait till you see the pix of me in that outfit! lol) and teaching the 6-8 year old along with one of my bffs Michaila. :) Pix of all of this soon to come!!
Anyhoo, you might be wondering why I put this pic of the POW/MIA flag, huh? Well, topday my mom, brother, and I went up into the top of the barn to dig out all of our boot camp supplies that we had stored there. As I opened various boxes, I came upon this flag. (Well not EXACTLY but you know what I mean!) I'd seen it before of course, but I'm ashamed to say I had no idea what it meant. So I, always the curious one, asked my mom what it stood for. And what she told me almost brought me to tears.
"POW" stand for "Prisoners Of War" and "MIA" is "Missing In Action"
As she explained further, I found out that it meant lots of soldiers had been taken captive during the Vietnam war, and were never found. Most likly they were taken to prison camps, while others must've died. Some may still be alive today, being held in a torturous camp somewhere in Vietnam. It brings me to tears even now, and long after my mom left the barn, I sat and contemplated what she'd told me. I prayed for the soldiers that might still be there, and for the ones that had died. My grandfather was in of those men could've easily been him. Uncle Ron, a wonderful friend of our family, was there. He could have been taken. But God was watching out for them. I thank Him for bringing them safely home.
To everyone who reads this that served in Vietnam, Thank You. Words are inadequate to describe the sacrifices you made for us.
Those who are serving in Iraq right now, the same goes for you. I thank God everyday for your loyalty and patriotism.
As for the ones who have never been found...We will never forget you and what you did for America.
For those who gave their lives...It was not in vain. Rest In Peace.
Here is a poem I wrote...I hope you guys like it. I've entitled it simply "For Freedom" and dedicated it to soldiers all over the USA..........
Standing tall, standing proud, Never flashy, never loud.
In the distance a flag waves high, And they hear the bugle cry.
Unashamed the tears fall free, From many a spouse on bended knee,
Praying to God in Heaven above,To bring back the ones they dearly love.
The risk is there the cost is high.For freedom they would gladly die!
All so we can live in peace, Will the violence never cease?
They watch the Eagle fly above And know what they do is out of love.
A love for a Country, strong and grand,Where freedom is simply a part of the land.
Is our life so instant and fastThat we have forgotten all of our past?
We must always remember and never forget,The freedom fires were not always lit.
And that is why for freedom they fight,Until that blessed day or night,
When God will take us thru the door, That leads to no more suffering and war.

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running4him said...

The poem was great. You should send it to the President. I am serious. I send him stuff all of the time. He answers too.