Friday, August 29, 2008

God's Been Good.....

The quality of my voice is still not the best. :( This dumb cold will not go away, but oh well. I've lived thru worse. :)

Wow, this song never ceases to amaze me. I've claimed it as my theme song, because God has been so wonderfully good in my life. I have wonderful parents, a great family, freinds most people would envy, a horse, something most girls my age dream of, and so many other things. And thats just the material things! I have the hope of a future in Heaven someday...eternity spent with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. :) That is the best of it all.

Our youth group went to Canobie Lake Park in NH yesterday. It was so much fun! I'll post pix of that as soon as someone send them to me. :)

School starts in less then 4 days! AH! I'm a little nervous about school, as I have never been to one. Seriously. I've been homeschooled all of my life. But going to this private school will be a good least someday when I get to college I won't freak out. ^^ lol

Ben and I have decided that we want to fly down to North Carolina by ourselves this summer and spend a week or two with our grandparents. :) It'll be great! We can get cheap tickets...Daddy knows a Delta caption!! ^^ I know, sweeeet.

Well I've babbled enough for now...enjoy the song. :-)

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Ann said...

Nick has been listening to this song over and over - for the past 30 minutes. He also has been watching you on Beloved. HE LOVES YOU!!!