Monday, August 25, 2008

Me eating cookie dough ice cream..... I was sitting enjoying it, when Hannah says, "You look depressed!" I was like "huh?" and she said, "Well girls, when they are depressed, eat the ice cream out of the carton and cry!!" So I obliged her and sang a sad song while secretly enjoying my ice cream! ^^ I even managed a few tears! Don't ask me how lol
Michaila decided to look equally if not more depressed by eating ice cream, bon-bons, Lindts, and Doritoes. Ew. lol She even had a few tears herself! lol She didn't sing though. :)
Baxter enjoyed the attention he got as the only boy at our party. :) HES SO CUTE!!!


Michaila said...

who is that hideous young lady in the middle picture.... She needs Help! LOL

Ann said...

Nick was VERY concerned you were sad or hurt - I told him you were having fun and being goofy - but he wanted to give you a hug and tell you it was OK.