Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Silent Cry

This is a song I wrote called Silent Cry...IT IS COPYRIGHTED!! NO STEALING! lol Its not my best, meaning my voice. I'm getting over a cold, so its a little stuffy, but it'll do for now. :)

I started writing this song in April but was never really able to finish it until July. It's talking about an unsaved person. You see, God created man to want fellowship with Him. But Adam and Eve sinned, which put a barrier between that sweet, unsinful relationship. When God the Father sent his Son, Jesus, to die on the cross for our sins, he made that barrier crossable. But some people don't know how to cross it. Thats why we have so many fake religions in this world; man wants fellowship with God, but lots didn't understand how to get it. So instead of asking someone who knew, they created their own way.

In this song, an unsaved person is trying to find that fellowship, but does not know how to get it. Therefore, his heart is crying out to God and he (the man) doesn't even know it. His life feels empty, and nothing but God will fill the void. He is silently crying.

What really helped me to finish this song, was a trip with our youth group down to Boston, Massachusetts. We rode many subways there, and walked the streets all day. It was a wonderful, fun day, but so so sad. On the subway I would look around and so many people had this blank, lifeless stare in their eyes. I could see that so many of them were doing this very thing. Their heart was silently crying; crying for God, for rest for their hurting soul, for the hope of an eternity in Heaven.

I don't know who I am talking to, but I feel as though I must tell you this: Someday, your life is going to end. And when you die, you either go to one of two places; Heaven, or hell.

Heaven is described in the Bible as the most beautiful place ever created. Words can not describe its splendor and beauty! The streets are paved with gold, there are mansions for us to live in, but the best thing of all; God is there, and we can forever worship and praise him.

Hell, on the other hand, is a place of eternal torment. Have you ever been burned? Even just a little bit? It hurts doesn't it? It feels as though the pain will never stop, the throbing never subside. In hell, fires burn for eternity. They burn the people traped in their flames, the torment never stops. Don't believe me? Go to this website http://www.iknow4sure.com/. It has substancial amounts of studies on hell and scientific proof that it is a real place!

Now the question is, "How do you not go to hell?" The answer is simple really. Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour, came to earth to die on a cross. Do you know why He did that? Because in truth, we deserve to die. We deserve to rot in hell because of our sins. But Jesus didn't want that. There was no one perfect enough to pay the penalty for us, except for him. Would you die for someone? Lots of us, I'm sure, say, "I'd take a bullet for my family anf friends!" Would you really? If a gunman walked into your house, would you throw yourself in front of his gun and tell him to shoot you but let your family and friends go? We like to think we would, but many of us would not. Jesus selflessly died a cruel, harsh death, so that we could have the option of going to Heaven. All you have to do to get to Heaven, is admit that you are a sinner. In your heart of hearts, where no one but you and God can see, you have to believe beyond a shadow of doubt, that you are a worthless sinner and deserve to be thrown into hell's flames. When you come to that knowledge, you have to repent of those sins. Tell the Lord that you are sorry, and for goodness' sake MEAN IT! Don't haphazardly say that you are sorry, you know you don't mean it. Ask God to forgive you and this is the strangest thing, but it is the truth; He will forgive you immediatly. If you know you are a sinner and are truly sorry for your sins, God will forgive them and never think of them again. Your silent cry will turn to a cry of joy.

Still don't believe me? Does it sound to good to be true?

I admit, it does doesn't it? But thats what makes slavation all the more sweet. We don't deserve what Jesus has to offer, but He loves us enough to give it to us anyway.

I hope you enjoy my song. If you have questions about what I've written, leave me a comment and I'm sure we can talk somehow. I can give you a more details if you want them.


Judy said...

Wow!!! Preach it Sistah, That is wonderful Elisabeth. Hopefully someone will come across this and be saved. Your song is wonderful too. Do you know how proud your Grandma is of you?? Very proud of the young woman you are maturing into. I love you lots and will talk to you soon. Keep up the good work on the blog. I love to read it. Love you,

Michaila said...

I love your song leebess! =) Great Job!

Ann said...

As always you never cease to amaze me with all your talents you so desire to use for the Lord. I love the song and can't wait to hear it in person - and all the rest of the ones you are writing - I want to be one of the first people to get the CD you will some day put out :) LOVE YA - Ann