Friday, August 29, 2008

Beloved's first jumper course


I've decided to become a JUMPER! WEEE! ^^ I bet most of you are like "Huh?" lol Well, I used to be (and still am in a way) a Hunter. In the riding world, thats a type of jumping. Jumpers is another, and I just decided to switch. In Hunters or Huntseat, you have to be slow and quiet over the jumps. Your image and that of your horse is everything. In Jumpers, all that matters is speed, accuracy, and not knocking down any poles. :)

Augh, I will warn you though, I generally have MUCH better equitation (form) then this! I look awful in this video!! Bare with me though, I was a lil bit nervous. Idk why lol, but I was. So ignore me and watch my beautiful horse. :) I luff her! She's awesome!


Ann said...

Nick has been watching the video over and over - then he started crying because he misses you all so much. He keeps asking to see a new picture of Mrs Amy. He wonders why the one on the side doesn't talk :)

running4him said...

You looked great. True your form was not perfect, but who cares. Everyone is nervous on film. Keep it up!!