Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Wow, empty much?

Well, the Assurance trio left Sunday, the Wright's left Monday, and my grandparents left today. We went from Grand Central Station to the Bermuda Triangle in a couple of days! Its a shock to the system I tell you. :( But, I shall live I guess.

On the upside, I'm going to the barn to work tonight! That will get my mind off of our empty house and yard. Although, Ms. Shirly is probably celebrating her "victory" in her mind, eh Mrs. Ann? lol! If only she knew....

Yesterday I hopped on Beloved for a quick ride. My friend, Brooke, had used her in a mini lesson, & she was all tacked up in western gear already, so I decided to go for a spin. We walked to a trail that not many others use, or even know about really. As she clomped thru knee high grass and weeds, I took a moment to look around at the beautiful Maine scenery. We were in a rather open spot really, but trees could be seen in the distance and feilds surounded us with wildflowers blooming all over the place. It was heavenly! She had her ears pricked, enjoying our little jaunt and with a giggle I asked her for a canter. She took off instantly, and I wish so much that someone had videoed us! I'm sure we made a funny picture....LoveBug with her head up like an arabian, neighing and running thru the grass that almost covered her legs. Me with my head back laughing, trying to keep some form of control so we didn't die....Good times. :) I love that horse...I'll have to go back to the field and have someone take pix of us. I'm sure all of you would enjoy it as much as I did.

Well I'll go for now, back to the quiet and boredom. :) lol I'm kidding, its not that bad. I mean, seriously, how much quiet can you get when seven people live in this house?! Not much! ^^

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Ann said...

I miss our little home spot!! We are home - it is good to be here - but our hearts do long to be back in Maine soon !