Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My gorgeous mare!!

Photography by Lizz Bishop! She's da bomb! lol Luff ya Lizzehhhh!

As you can see, Beloved and I had an awesome time free lounging! *explained* I let her go in the ring and she runs around as windly as she chooses...which most often is scary-wild lol. She loves to jump! ^^ And I love to watch. :)

Church was good tonight. We had a visiting speaker that is a missionary to the US Military/Army/Navy/AirForce/everythingelse. He was wonderful! Almost makes me want to join...ALMOST. I'll prolly just stick to praying for them, and sending boxes of goodies every-now-and-again. OMW That reminds me of a story!! Now I must share it with you guys, really I must!.....

When we first moved to Sanford I was 11 years old. After I turned 12, I really started to get into history and our country. It was 2005, four years since the War On Terror had started, and I wanted to do something to "help." But what can a 12 tear old girl from Maine do? I asked myself....and my mom. And she came up with a great idea! I could put together and "goody box" for a soldier. Which one? I asked. We don't know any soldiers. My mom said, that that was the beauty of it. I made a box, sent it, and then God would use it in someone's life over in Iraq. Even though I was a tad bit dissiapointed that it wouldn't go to someone I knew, I agreed and 2 weeks later sent out a box full of all kinds of stuff. A letter telling about myself and why I'd made the box, a few personal items, some candy and a book or two. Plus lots of tracts. :) Weeks, passed, then months, then finally a year had come and gone. I'd forgotten about the box I'd sent until one afternoon I was upstairs in my room, when I heard a faint knock on the door downstairs. I flew down the steps, sure that whoever it was had probably given up by now, and just barely caught a man limping down our front porch steps with a cane. "Hello?" I called out the door then opened it. The man turned and smiled at me. He was missing half of an arm, and had almost lost his leg, I could see. He came back up the steps with the women and said, "I'm looking for Elisabeth Bell." A little puzzled I said, "Thats me." He smiled even bigger and held out a gift bag to me. He said "Young lady, you don't know who I am, but I know you. My name is Sgt. Curtis Mills, and one year ago you sent me a box..." Recognition dawned in my mind and I almost screamed! I called for my parents and introduced them quickly. As they invited him and his wife in, he asked me to open the present. I did, to find a wonderful book of poems that I still have, along with a card that he had written in himself. I know that sounds like no big deal, but you see, his left arm was the one he was missing. Before, he'd been left handed. Plus, his right arm had something wrong with it as well, so writing was a big thing to him. It hurt quite a lot. He ended up staying and talking to us for at least and hour or more. As he left, he thanked me again, but I've never seen him since.

I still have the book of course, I always will keep it. He wrote in the front cover of it as well, and it says this:

"Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

This world is wonderful

Because of people like you"

Even know as I read it, tears fill my eyes. I'm not trying to build myself up or anything...I hope you guys know me better then that. But, always ALWAYS pray for our troops. Even if you don't agree with what they are doing, or with President Bush. They deserve our respect and honor, and most importantly our prayers.


Ann said...

LOVE the picture. And your story was great - now I know why I love you so much!! You are a sweetie!!

MickyB said...

That story gets me every time! You go Leebess!