Thursday, July 24, 2008

When the sky rained potatoes...

........and tornados lurk in the distance.............What do you do?!

Well I would not suggest panic, as it seems to cause pandamonium...especially when you have 14 stalls full of horses, plus all 5 cross ties well, tied up. (No pun intended lol) Yep, you guessed it.

Today Maine was under a severe tornado watch for the first time in years. Twisters had actually been seen about 25 minutes away from where I live, and they were headed straight to us. Guess where I was? Yes, you're right again. The barn. It was awful! We were freaked out to the extreme. When we were not shuffling horses and making an escape plan (just in case) Some were crying, some were mad, and others (*cough* BROOKE *cough*) SLEPT. lol

The sky was pitch black for about an hour, then finally lightened to a pleasent gray. :) The watch went from severe to a "not-so-worried-about-it" kinda thing, and we (the barn bums) calmed down dramatically. But for a while there, we thought we was gonna have to head to the celler. God was in control though, and nothing bad came of it, except a few wet girls and horses. ^^ We'll live to tell about it I

I'll post a few more pix showing what we did after we thought it was safe to leave our beloved beasts. (; lol I think you'll find them quite humerous....

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thebeazile said...

I don't know.... ELisabeth what do we do!
Haha! Love the title!