Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Wonder Woman!

Today my dad, brother and I worked on our 200+ year old barn. We had to take all of the siding off (it was originol from the early 1900's!) and then put new siding up. Not an easy task mind you. Its dirty, hard and gross work....especially when 200 year old dirt falls down on your head and face and mouth...EWWWWWWWW!!!! But I ain't dead yet, so I suppose I'll be fine. :)
Anyhoo, I worked the nail gun, sawsaw, and many other tools today of which I am quite proud!! I lifted boards, a giant 75 lb crowbar, and lots of other things.....and I am very very sore. lol But, it was all worth it to look up and see the brand new side of the barn!! Just wait till we paint it!! I'll post some before and after pix...I think it'll help you appreciate it a lil bit more. :)

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Michaila said...

You Go wonder women! LOL