Saturday, May 23, 2009


Wow...Its hard to believe that I'm a JUNIOR! YAY! lol as of Thursday, my summer vaca began. :) Yup be jealous lol

Man, lately I can't go one day without something weird, odd or painful happening to me. Yesterday I went on a trail ride and after I got back my left eye hurt pretty badly. So I rubbed them and continued on but they kept hurting until it was almost unbearable. To make a long story short I have a cut on my eye. "Is it painful?" You may ask....It feels like a knife keeps poking into it slowly and purposefully. I wanted to murder someone last night it hurt so bad lol But...*sigh* thats muh life. lol

Another new thing -- I'm selling Sky :( Shes just not the horse that I need right now. Its very sad but it needs to be done. At the moment I'm looking into free leasing a horse for a couple of years until I go to college. We shall see.

Well I must sign off for now...Ben wants me go to swimming with him. Hes scared of the frog we found in the pool last night lol!!

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