Sunday, January 18, 2009

Poor Daddy :(

My poor Daddy!! He fell while he and Benjamin were skiing yesterday and killed his shoulder! Our Dr. friend/neighbor thinks its sprained. Anyhoo, he has to keep it in a sling for a couple of days which he's thrilled about. :) LOL *whispers* Not really! '_' Go HERE to see a video of him skiing...he was holding the camera and going down the trail at about 50 mph. lol

Its snowing to the extreme up here.....we have at least 1.5 feet and its growing by the minute! (not kidding!!!)


ALEC PK said...

I saw that video And i thought he fell haha good video tho!
When are you going to put your pics of gutenburg on your blog!

running4him said...

That was hilarious!! Not to be unsympathic. It looked cool.