Thursday, January 15, 2009


I have a question for you.....

If you died tonight in your sleep, would you go to Heaven...or hell?

If your answer is "I hope I go to Heaven" or "I don't know" Or "I've lived a good enough life".....Be careful!!! Wouldn't it be nice to KNOW that you are going to live with Jesus forever in a perfect place called Heaven? The Bible says in 2nd Corinthians 5:1 "We have a building of God, an house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens."

The Bible also says in Psalm 139:8
"if I make my bed in hell..." Heaven and Hell are real places...places were people go when they die. Let me tell you something, "hell" is not something people just use as a cuss word. It is a place of eternal damnation, where fire burns and burns and NEVER EVER stops! Have you ever burnt yourself? Even just the tiniest burn hurts SOOOO much! The pain just feels like it'll never go away! Can you imagine being on fire, your whole entire body, but not being able to do anything about it? Can you imagine the pain and torment? Most of us can't...I know that includes me. There is a story in the Bible of two men. One rich and one poor. The poor man lived outside of the rich man's gates, and the Bible says that he was so starved and sickly that he had open sores all over his body; so much so that stray dogs came and licked them! While this poor man sat on the outside of the gate, the rich man was inside the house, full of good food and wealthy beyond his wildest dreams. But. The poor man was a Christian, and he knew that God would take care of him. So one day, the poor man dies and is taken up into Heaven. Heaven, mind you, is a perfect place and all of his physical and spiritual aliments are healed! Hallelujah! A few days later, the rich man dies. The Bible says that he was not a Christian, and do you know where he went? Yep, hell. This is the only time in the Bible that something like this happens, but it says in Luke 16:23 "And in hell he lift up his eyes, being in torments, and seeth Abraham afar off, and Lazarus [The poor man] in his bosom." The Lord allowed the rich man to look up into Heaven while he was still in hell. When he looked, he saw a great man of faith (Abraham) and the poor man. He cried out and begged Abraham to let the poor man dip his finger in a bit of water and place it on his tounge to cool him off. That is how hot he was. How burned he was. So much so that a tiny drop of water would have brought relief. Abraham, told him no. He'd made his choice while on earth to reject God. And now what? He was paying for it. Eternally.

Hows that for sobering? Its a true story, found in the King James Version (the only true Bible!) in Luke chapter 16.

How about you? Are you willing to reject God and risk hell's eternal flames? If you died tonight, is there a chance that you won't make it into the pearly gates? Let me help you...there is a way to know you are on your way to heaven. The Bible says in John 3:16 "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." Do you know what our Heavenly Father God did? He loved us so much, that He didn't want us to have to go to hell. He wanted us to be able to live with him in Heaven. But Heaven is perfect and guess what? Perfect WE ARE NOT! No matter how good you think you are, God is the only perfect one. He and His SON Jesus Christ. God loved us so much, He wanted us to live with Him SO MUCH that He sent Jesus Christ to the earth. Do you know what Jesus did on the earth? He died. Why? To pay the penelty for our sins. What does that mean, you may ask? I'm so glad you did! Jesus is perfect, therefore His blood is perfect. When he died on the cross, He shed His blood. He endured being whipped, so much so that his back was nothing but muscles and blood. His tormentors ripped his beard out of his face! And then, he carried His cross along the Via Dela Rosa to Mount Calvary, where he laid down on it and allowed men to drive nails into his hands and feet without making one sound. Why??? Because he loves us.

Jesus did that, so that now we today, can go to Heaven. I still don't get it, you may say. Well, let me explain further. God made the path clear to get to Heaven. How? When you know in your heart of hearts, the only place that God and you can see, that you are a sinner...when you relize that you have sinned against God Almighty...when you are truly TRULY sorry for the sins you've committed...this is all you have to do. Pray. Pray from your heart. Ask God to take his blood and make you black heart clean with it. Tell God that you are sorry and that you want Him to forgive you!!! GOD LOVES YOU!!! He doesn't want you to go to hell!!! He wants you to live forever with him in GLORY!!!!!

I was 6 years old when I got saved. I can still see it as if it were yesterday....

November 8 1999: I was driving home from church with my family in our mini van. My granparents were here, so my mom and I sat on the floor in the middle while they sat in the back. (I forget why the seats weren't in there but anyway...) My Sunday school teacher had preached on this very message in Sunday school that morning. I can remember hearing the chatter going on around me, but blocking it out. I can still feel the tears as they came to my eyes and slid down my little cheeks. My mom happened to look over and anxiously asked, "Elisabeth! Why are you crying?" I remember crying out "I need to be saved Mama!!" My mom was stunned but quickly recovered, She told me dad to cut the block (We only lived 2 minutes from the church) and we drove for 10 minutes. My mom explained me to how to be saved and asked me "Elisabeth, are you a sinner?" I was very quick to reply "yes!" And then, my sweet Mama, she led me to the Lord. She prayed first, the I prayed form my heart. I don't remember xactly what I said, but I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that sweet peace filled my soul that night!!! I was SAVED! I was on my way to HEAVEN!

Once you are saved, nothing can take it away form you!!!!! You are on your way to Heaven forever!!!!

So again I ask you, If you died tonight...where would you spend eternity? If you can't answer that question...please PLEASE ask me about it! I'd be more then happy to lead you to Jesus! I'll show you from the Bible even more verses that I did tonight...please, don't risk hell. Don't risk being sperated from God. For eternity.


ALEC PK said...

wow! Nice post! Hopefully you will get a nice response!

Michaila said...

AMEN SISTAH! it's a sobering thought...

running4him said...

Wow, I like, wish I could record you saying [preaching] that and then play it over loud speakers through our whole village!!! It helps to put the little problems that we have in our lives into perspective. Praying for you.

Judy said...

Wow Elisabeth,
You really Preached(excuse me taught) a wonderful lesson. I hope you get some responses from it. Maybe there is someone out there you know not sure if they will go to Heaven. I will pray they come to you for the answers. And by the way, have I told you how proud of you I am ,and the sweet Christian young lady you have become. I love you sweetie.