Monday, October 6, 2008


My daddy, Miss Eleanor, myself, Michail and Lydia all went up to Ilseboro, Maine on Sunday! We had a wonderful service and I got LOTS of pix of the fall colors! ^^ PLUS!!! OH MY WORD THIS IS EXCITING! And kinda
When we were taking off out of Ilseboro, the plane started going down the runway and as we hit 120 MPH we started to lift off. As we left the ground we heard this thumb and the plane harred a little bit. Pastor Schoppe from the island got onto his raido and said to my dad, "You just sliced a deer in half." No kidding! Our prop cut it completely in two! EWWWWW!


Ann said...
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Ann said...

Don was wondering if you took any home - already sliced and ready to go :) God really protected you all!!!! Normally animal vs. plane isn't a good combo!! God is good!!!!