Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hapy Birthday Daddy!!

YAY! Its my Daddy's birthday tomorrow!! He wil be No, I won't say how old he'll be, although I'm sure he wouldn't care at all. :) I praise the LORD for letting me have such a wonderful Christian family. All those years ago, when a preacher on furlough stopped and talked to my Grandma and invitied her to church....The pastor could've easily been to lazy, or my Grandma could've turned a deaf ear. But thank God, she went and got SAVED! Now I have a beautiful family heavenbound with a hammer down!!! ^^


Judy said...

Hi Elisabeth,
We sure are thankful that a Missionary family cared about us and shared Jesus with us. Also a neighbor that lived beside us too. What wonderful memories I have today on your Dad's birthday. Lots of birthday memories of days gone by. How wonderful to see how God uses Todd and the whole family. Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday. Love, Grandma

Ann said...

Elisabeth - did you cut your hair? Can we PLEASE see some upcloses of it!!!!