Saturday, July 11, 2009

I did it! :)

I'm no longer a caged bird!! lol!!

I got my license!!!!!!! :D The instructor said that I did wonderfully....only one mistake and it wasn't really even my fault!!
Its so cool...last night before work I was talking to my mom and grandma while they cooked supper and I said "I'd really like to go visit Sky before I go to Shain's" and my mom was like "Well go then!" I said "Oh yeah! I can do that can't I?" lol :)
The only weird thing was driving home last night in the dark. That could get a little scary if I let it but I just cranked up the Rochesters :) The Lord was with me anyway, what have I got to fear?
Thank you to all of you that prayed for me!! I felt it so much. I'll tell you an interesting Its an exciting one.....
What the road test people do is have you come into their office, take and eye test then go out and sit in your car for 10 minutes. (The LONGEST 10 minutes of your life!!!!!) So there I was, sitting and panicking, when I decided to just pray earnestly and hard. I said, "Lord, I know I'm not supposed to ask this but I just need, a, sign or something, of what my outcome is going to be. If maybe its your will for me to fail or pass...I just would love to know."
I ended my prayer then cause the lady came out and started the outside check of my car. When she got in she smiled and said hello then looked at my paper. She looked up at me very quickly and said, "Elisabeth BELL? Are you related to Pastor Todd Bell and Amy Bell?" I was like, "Um yes ma'am they're my parents" Vickie was her name, and she got SO excited! It turns out that Mrs. Antonis (Some of you won't know her...she is a lady in our church that moved to FL with her pastor husband) is Vickie's daughter's grandmother in law...and Vickie had gone to a ladies conference and heard my mom speak!!
I almost wanted to ask if I could get our of the car and shout but not thinking that would be appropriate I started the car and off we went.

Wow, the LORD is so good!!! He didn't have to show me He was there, but guess what? He SURE DID!!!!


Michaila said...

YEAH! Good job leebess!

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(Sorry to have to leave an unnecessary comment.) My blog address has been changed.