Thursday, June 11, 2009

Seadog biscuits....

Well, tonight I arrived at Shain's and was told that I was too make Seadog Biscuits. (For those of you not from around here a Seadog is two chocolate chip cookies with yummy yummy vanilla ice cream in the middle. And not just any ice cream, Shain's of Maine ice cream.....voted best ice cream in New Englad!!!) :)
Anyhoo, a special order had come in for 400 bicuits with Black Raspberry ice cream in them. (Ew) So my co-worker and I slaved away and two hours later they were done!! :D
This is just a picture of my hand after doing about 25 of them lol ice cream was EVERYWHERE!

Earlier in my day I went down to the barn to ride Sky. :) She was being so great, so I decided to take her into the indoor and try a course. What I didn't realize was that all of the bags of shavings were stacked in there as well. (around 150 of them!) No big, I said to myself and Lizz, who was helping me by making a course, She'll calm down and get used to them in a bit. Well, after about 10 minutes of preping I turned her towards a cross rail jump going towards the shavings. (A crossrail is just two poles making an X) Well, she was SO worred about the shavings that she didn't see the jump until it was too late. She FREAKED out and slid to a stop and jerked left and I went flying.
Kay, imagine someone doing a see it? How they go into this nice beautiful elegant X? I did that through the air lol My legs took the jump completely out and I landed in the dirt on my back.

It hurt.

It still does.

:) But thats the price you pay to ride horses right? Anyway, I'm fine :)

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Michaila said...

YUCK! looking at your hand makes me never want to eat black raspberry ice cream again, no offense... lol. Sorry about your back, you must be in some serious pain.