Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow Day =)

We had a snow day today!!! Nice and all I know, but this also means school on Friday this week :( Oh well, can't complain when I get out May 22nd and everyone else is June 22nd. lol ^_^ Sorry, just had to rub that in a lil bit. ^_^ I totally redecorated my room today!!!! Which made me happy :) I also watched a bunch of NCIS episodes (my 2 FAVORITE ones being among them) which made me happier :) lol

Well I'll stop babbling...I just wanted to put up a new post.

My dad did absolutly EXCELLENT at Share-A-Thon to God be the Glory, and next year I get to go with him!!!!! ^_^ YAYAYAYAY!!! lol

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running4him said...

I did not get to see him. I was like an hour too late!! I finished school and signed on, but he had just preached. But the rest of Share-A-Thon was great!!! They kept saying how amazing it was that they had someone in Ukraine listening(watching)!!!