Tuesday, December 30, 2008


2009.....A year of *sarcastically* CHANGE thanks to Obama. *shudder*

Four years ago tomorrow, my dad preached a message in church titled "Staying alive in 2005" He preached that day on not letting the heathens of this world change us. We need to stay strong for Jesus even in the year 2005! None of us could believe it was
2005....and now, how much more important is that message? We need to stay alive for Christ in 2009! Because let me tell you folks, we live in an absolute HEATHEN nation! America has gone down the tubes, and do you know why? Because our country has chosen to forget GOD! They've chosen to turn their backs on him and go their own way! It all sounded fun when they banned prayer from public school didn't it? HMM? Well, is it fun when kids go around stabbing and shooting each other? Is it fun when so many drugs infest a school that you can't walk down a hallway without seeing them being sold and used?! It was an absolute awesome idea wasn't it? To take God out of our future generations lives?
If you go to www.foxnews.com do you know what you'll see? The latest picture of someone who has been murdered, or raped, or or both!!! You'll see the signs of the times. Isreal will not sit placid forever! And let me tell you, the day America turns their back on God's people like the rest of the world....I do not even want to KNOW what is going to happen then!!! You just thought America was gone! You see all the utter destruction that goes on in other countries? Ever wondered why it happens? Because they hate Isreal. THEY HATE GOD'S PEOPLE!!
I'm telling you people, the LORD is soon to return!! Our world is dying...are you going to die with it? Or are you going to stand up and be counted?! Are you going to let 2009 rob you of your faith and service for God? Or are you going to say "NO! I'll live for JESUS! NO MATTER WHAT!!"?
By God's grace I won't give into the world. By HIS grace I'll live for HIM until I see his glorious face in the clouds! Amen and amen!


running4him said...

Preach!! Keep standing, as far as America has gone it is still much better than Europe, BELIEVE ME!!!! God can still cause revival. And GO ISRAEL!!!

Michaila said...

PREACH IT SISTAH! oops! I mean TEACH IT SISTAH! Amen to what you said. America is not the country it was when it was founded... We really need God's strength to stay out of the trouble that Europe is in. Just remember, 'THIS WORLD IS NOT MY HOME, I'M JUST A PASSIN' THROUGH!'

Judy said...

Wow, What a great message Elisabeth. It is all the truth that you said. America has gone to the dogs unfortunately. We all need to Pray hard for Revival in our country. I sure am proud to call you my granddaughter. Keep keeping on for the Lord Jesus!!

North Baldwin Baptist Church said...

Wow elisabeth I never knew you had a lil bit of a preacher in you Just kidding! Its true what you said this will be harder then last year!