Thursday, November 20, 2008

God will make this trial a blessing.....

Though it send me to my knees.
Though my tears flow like a river,
In HIM I find relief.......

I don't think I have any tears left.
Beloved is leaving today. I sold her to the lady that I bought her from two years ago....I'm glad she'll go to someone who loves her as much as me.
But if only you knew how much it rips my heart apart.
I went down to the barn to tell her goodbye last night and I cried into her mane for forever. She is the most wonderful horse...she just stood there and let me hug her. She pressed her face against mine and gave me her own her own way.
I love Beloved very much and this day will be so so hard. It hurts more than the day I put my first horse to sleep.
I have to go and get to school...but pray for me today.


Judy said...

I didn't read this till tonight but I know you are hurting. We loved Beloved too. We'll pray you find just the right horse. We love you.
Grandma and Papaw

Ann said...

We love you bunches - and we are praying for you - I love animals too and trust me I have shed many a tear or them! I know God will give you comfort beyond explanation!!

running4him said...

Praying for you Elisabeth. I know exactly how you feel and it really Hurts!!!